This couple designed an entire room for their cat

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Photo credit: Instagram / @newbuild_newlyweds
Photo credit: Instagram / @newbuild_newlyweds

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Inside this Orlando, Florida, home lives Stella the cat. Stella is like most four-legged felines, except for one minor detail... she has her own bedroom.

Stella's parents, husband-and-wife, Ryan and Kelsey, are to thank for her lofty farmhouse-style abode. The couple, who moved into their house in 2018, run the blog Newbuild Newlyweds, where they tackle DIY projects around their first home. Fortunately for Stella, giving her a place for privacy landed on her parent's project list.

Ryan and Kelsey first unveiled Stella's digs on their Instagram account in August 2019. The room, which sits under a stairway, has a grey and white colour palette. Inside, she can find her bed, play area, litter box, and more. A charming lantern pendant light illuminates the space.

The couple had tapped Carpenter Farmhouse to design the laser cut lettering for the wall which reads "Home is where the cat is." Instead of a door, a curtain was used to separate Stella's room from the living room, as well as allow her easy access into her space.

The couple shared an update this month about Stella's room: they had gotten rid of the curtain and installed an actual door. While Stella cannot obviously open doors, a nifty product on Amazon dubbed the Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door, allowed them to create more of a division between their living room and Stella's room, while also offering her a safe and accessible passageway.

Other items such as Stella's bed and chic litter mat are available to shop on Amazon, too. Ryan and Kelsey have conveniently listed all items related to their home DIY projects on their Amazon storefront. You can follow Ryan and Kelsey on Instagram here.

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