These countries are the most miserable in the EU - and yes, the UK is one of them

People in the UK are less happy living in the European Union than they were five years ago, data has revealed.

A survey by the European Commission’s EuroBarometer service asked people to agree or disagree with the statement: ‘You are happy living in the EU’.

It found that Britons are more miserable in the EU now than they were in 2012.

With Brexit looming, 69% of UK respondents said they were happy living in the EU.

However, that was a 3% drop from 2012 when the same question was asked.

The UK is in a minority of misery, one of only five EU members to be less happy than they were five years ago.

Poland, Malta, Italy and Slovakia are the only other countries who are unhappy in the EU.


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In contrast, 20 member states say they are happier there than they were five years ago.

In Portugal, 83% of people are happy in the EU, a jump of 31% from 2012.

And in Ireland, happiness levels are at 94%, a 15% increase over five years, making it the second happiest EU nation after Luxembourg (97%).

The UK is among the unhappiest EU nations (Picture: Rex)

In the Netherlands and Denmark, 92% of the population is happy to be in the EU.

The UK isn’t the unhappiest EU nation – Hungary takes that crown, with only 57% of people saying they are content – with the Czech Republic (58%) and Romania and Greece (both 62%) close behind.

People are happier in the EU than they were five years ago (Picture: Getty)

The European Commission interviewed 1,000 people in each EU member state for the survey.

It found that 91% of people in the EU are happy with their family life and 64% are happy with their current occupation.

Nine out of ten people are happy living in the country they are in and, overall, 78% are happy living in the EU.