Councillors set to elect new Mayor

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MAYOR: Councillor Pamela Birks held the role previously.
MAYOR: Councillor Pamela Birks held the role previously.

Carlisle City's Council is set to elect which councillor they would like to see as Carlisle’s new Mayor.

The Civic Centre’s Cathedral Room will host the 2022 Annual Council and Mayor Making Ceremony on Monday May 16.

The Annual Council meeting will also include the appointment of the Deputy Mayor.

Councillor Pamela Birks was the previously appointed Mayor.
This year’s event will be the last Carlisle City Council Annual Council.

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All councils in England and Wales are required by law to elect a Mayor or Chairman at their annual council meeting each May - with each term lasting one year.

There have been 434 Mayors of Carlisle, with many having served as Mayor on more than one occasion.

The first female Mayor was Mrs Isa Graham in 1945, including her, there has been 18 female Mayors.

You can catch a glimpse of previous Mayors dating back to 1836, as they are displayed within the civic centre.

After 1835, councillors who have been elected to represent different wards of the city have chosen the Mayor - whereas in the past the Mayor was executive leader of the Council, it is now an honorary position, but has responsibility for chairing Meetings of the Council.

As part of the 'Mayor Making' ceremony a sword and mace are carried into the Mayor Making event venue.

Carlisle’s ceremonial sword was purchased in 1635 for £4.13 shillings but it had been made in Milan much earlier in 1509.

The sword is the emblem of civic independence signifying the right of citizens to govern themselves.

In 1849 the Carlisle Gas Company was being handed over to the Corporation and having a surplus sum of money decided to present a Mayoral chain and badge to the city.

Mr Joseph Rome first wore this on the 10 May 1850 to greet the Duchess of Kent, mother of Queen Victoria.

That Mayoral chain is part of the Tullie House collection and is currently on display in the Civic Centre.

The present 18-carat gold chain and badge was purchased in 1898 at a cost of £225.

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