The best Ikea products on Amazon

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Photo credit: SOPA Images - Getty Images
Photo credit: SOPA Images - Getty Images

If you know anything about us, it's that we love Amazon Prime and we love Ikea. So when news of the flat pack furniture being available on the next-day delivery website broke way back in 2017, we were chuffed.

Because while taking trips to Ikea with your parents, then your new housemates and then your other half are very important check points in life, there's also something quite satisfying (/significantly less stressful) about having it delivered straight to your door.

Ahead of Amazon Prime Day this month, which sees Prime customers offered discounts, Lightning Deals and Spotlight Deals, throughout the day, here are some of the best Ikea products to have your eyes on.

As we all know, grey goes with everything. Plus, the soft fabric of these cushions will make your home feel just that little bit cosier.

What's an Ikea shop without candles? Not really an Ikea shop, that's what. And we love the muted colour palette of these block candles.

This is not just a breakfast tray. This is a breakfast tray that also doubles as a WFH bed-desk. The dream.

We've all got at least one of these artificial hanging plants in our house somewhere. Probably time for another, isn't it?

Spruce up your WFH space with this nickel-plated steel lamp that literally glows with professionalism.

Look, we are absolutely here for plants and succulents that cannot be killed.

There's a reason why everyone has one of these. Lightweight, cheap and super practical.

This lampshade is perfect for bringing a happy glow to your room - a bargain way to make your space more relaxing.

If you're short on space or have no time for clutter, this lamp x speaker is perfect for you.

Not to sound all Changing Rooms but these cushion covers are the perfect way to bring a pop of colour to your sofa or bedding set up.

If you go to Ikea without buying a pack of vanilla tea-lights, did you even go to Ikea? Discuss.

Tea-lights, chilli jam and grey throws: the Ikea shop starter pack.

This desk is perfect for smaller spaces, it's neat and compact but stores a very respectable amount of stationary in the drawer. And we love stationary...

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