Could The Last Of Us Get Spinoffs On HBO? Here’s What The Showrunner Says

 Bella Ramsey in The Last of Us.
Bella Ramsey in The Last of Us.

HBO is known for being a hub for quality TV content, some of which breaks the internet and becomes water cooler talk. The acclaimed video game adaptation The Last Of Us is definitely in that category, with the first season even expanding the narrative of the original. Given the popularity of the TV show, could The Last Of Us get spinoffs on the network? Here’s what the showrunner said about this possibility. Somebody cue the theme song!

The Last Of Us show premiered back in January for those with a HBO or Max subscription, and became popular almost instantly. Fans of the video game praised the movie for accurately adapting it into live-action, including some identical shots. But given the games, it seems like there’s a limited story for Joel and Ellie that will have a definite ending. The apocalyptic world is rich, which is why some are already wondering about a spinoff. Showrunner Craig Mazin recently spoke to The Wrap about that concept, saying:

We haven’t talked about that specifically because we’re so focused on just telling this main narrative. I’m not against the idea of other shows that may draw from these characters or that world. I don’t know how much more ‘The Last of Us’ I personally would be able to do. I mean, these shows are so big, I’m sort of burning one of the precious few remaining decades I have on telling this story. But in principle, I have no issue with it whatsoever. And I’m sure Neil would be interested as well.

Points were made. Craig Mazin and company are fully focused on bringing the flagship Last Of Us series to life for the foreseeable future. And as such, they haven’t been talking much about the possibility of spinoffs or other shows within the same universe. But maybe that might change if/when the show wraps up its story.

Hardcore fans of the games know how The Last Of Us is going to end, assuming that the showrunners don’t make any major narrative changes. The Season 1 finale played out like the games, with Joel making the difficult decision to lie to Ellie. A spinoff would seemingly allow for more narrative risks, and the ability to shock those who have played the beloved games.

Later in that same interview, Craig Mazin further spoke about his hopes regarding a possible spinoff. He’s hoping that whoever handles it (if not him), puts a ton of specificity and care into the growing franchise. As he put it,

If there was something that made sense, then I don’t see why not. My great hope is that if there is anything like that, that it’s done with as much care and respect and love as what we are applying to this series right now.

For now we’ve got the main Last Of Us show. Unfortunately the wait between seasons might be a bit longer given the ongoing strikes. TLOU Season 2’s scripts were turned in ahead of the picketing, but it’s unclear when production might continue. But it’s clear that fans are hyped the story to continue.

The Last Of Us is streaming now on Max. Be sure to check out the TV premiere list to plan your next binge watch.