You could become Britain’s first ever bison ranger — here's how

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Photo credit: David Clapp - Getty Images
Photo credit: David Clapp - Getty Images

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If you're passionate about conservation and want to embrace a unique opportunity then you're in luck, as the Kent Wildlife Trust and the Wildwood Trust are on the hunt for UK's first bison rangers to take care of the huge mammals.

A free-roaming herd of four European bison — the continent's largest land mammal — will be introduced into a 500-acre woodland area in Kent to help restore large-scale habitat from degraded land.

As part of the Wilder Blean project, the rangers are needed to help keep an eye on the bison herd and follow their natural behaviour patterns. They might reach a length of around 2.9 meters, but the shaggy animals are peaceful, according to research, and help to restore habitat in a way that no other species can.

Tempted to apply? Some of the responsibilities of the role include "keeping the bisons in a wild state as possible", managing them on a daily basis and having "sympathetic management" to meet their needs. It's also worth knowing that training will be provided, with the two candidates invited to spend several months with ARK Naturr Ontwikkeling in the Netherlands.

Photo credit: Robert Pickett - Getty Images
Photo credit: Robert Pickett - Getty Images

"This is a truly unique role for the UK, it's a chance to manage a free-roaming herd of Europe's largest living land mammal and to develop an entirely new skill set which will enable the success of this and future wilding projects," Stan Smith, wilder landscapes manager at Kent Wildlife Trust, told the Daily Mail.

"This is a first step to European bison becoming more frequent tools for the restoration of ecosystems in Britain and for two individuals to get to know these animals like no other."

Mark Habben, head of living collections at the Wildwood Trust, explained it would be the "job of a lifetime" for the winning candidates. He added: "This is a unique job and a first of its kind to be advertised in Britain. European bison are a fascinating, important species in the UK and we look forward to the positive impact that they will have when inhabiting the Blean Woods."

If you'd like apply, please email Simon Bateman-Brown at or Mark Habben at Good luck!

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