The Cotswolds Distillery just released a Summer Cup and it looks divine

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Photo credit: Cotswolds Distillery
Photo credit: Cotswolds Distillery

In the summer short, strong cocktails just aren't going to cut it, lovely for the evening but for all day sipping we want spritzes, sangria and summer cups; long drinks to quench our thirst. Well the popular Cotswolds Distillery has just released a real contender for our sip of the summer and we can't wait to try it.

The new Cotswolds Summer Cup uses the distillery’s award-winning Cotswolds Dry Gin as a base, then blended with a splash of handcrafted triple sec and finally the Distillery’s very own vermouth. With the result described as; "A bold and robust fruit cup with a brilliant balance of bitterness and sweetness."

Enjoyed with lemonade or ginger beer, it of course wouldn't be a summer cup without plenty of fresh fruit and cucumber.

Drawing from its surrounding region, the distillery's tipples are always rooted in the area and the landscape and this is no exception. Cotswolds Distillery’s homemade vermouth uses locally sourced wine from Woodchester Valley in Stroud, blended with bitter caramel and a botanical tea of macerated herbs and spices. Sounds delicious. This is then combined with the London Dry to create the new summer cup.

Photo credit: Cotswolds Distillery
Photo credit: Cotswolds Distillery

Makers suggest filling a large balloon glass with 1 part Cotswolds Summer Cup over plenty of ice, topped with 2 parts lemonade or ginger ale and garnished with fresh fruit.

You don't need to tell us twice!

BUY NOW Cotswolds Summer Cup is available from Master of Malt RRP: £24.95 for 70 cl. ABV: 30%

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