Costco's New Pre-Made Caprese Salad Could Feed A Small Crowd

hand holding Costco caprese salad
hand holding Costco caprese salad - Facebook

Costco is known for its savings and deals, but its latest pre-made Caprese salad could feed your whole family. Sure, that may be an exaggeration on our part, but Costco's put a huge portion into its latest salad kit. One such salad weighed a whopping 2.74 pounds, so there's a lot of greens as well as tomatoes and mozzarella to go around! Sure, this isn't the first time that Costco has shoppers pumped for one of its Caprese salads, but this new salad promises to be a mouthful.

The salad includes many of the traditional elements of a Caprese salad, including mozzarella, baby spinach, grape tomatoes, and basil. However, not everyone is a fan of its whopping price with the salad selling on average for around $16. As one Instagram user wrote, "$16 for a f--king salad and some cheese? I'll have 3 rotisserie chickens instead." However, as another user pointed out the actual amount of salad for that price point is a fair deal. They wrote, "Has anyone actually done the math[?] This is actually a great price. To make have (sic) this size is $20.64 at Walmart."

The lesson may be that salads in general may be expensive. So consumers are looking for any deal they can find. But how does the Caprese salad taste?

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Ways To Jazz Up Your Salad

Costco caprese salad
Costco caprese salad - Facebook

All of that salad would be pointless if it ended up tasting bland. Fortunately for shoppers, those who have tried the salad seem to enjoy the dish. In particular, a Costco shopper on TikTok shared that the pesto helps bring the salad together, saying, "It's everything that's so good all in one." In general, they seemed to enjoy the dish but suggested cutting the tomatoes into more bite-sized portions.

Of course, that has us thinking about how we can build upon Costco's Caprese salad.  While the prepackaged salad does most of the work, there are many ways to improve the formula. If you want to upgrade the flavor of the salad without further breaking the bank, then you might want to consider implementing some extra virgin olive oil. The mixture will help blend some of the elements of the salad together without overwhelming their natural flavors. You may also want to remove any excess moisture from your mozzarella and tomatoes.

Simply remove these ingredients and use a paper towel to soak up any moisture. This will prevent your salad from being soggy. If you're not a fan of pesto, consider swapping out the dressing for a balsamic glaze instead. While this meal may feed the masses, you may think otherwise if you have a small family or live alone as it may be difficult to finish the salad before it expires.

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