Costco's Chili Has Once Again Opened A Can Of Beans On TikTok

white bowl of chili with spoon
white bowl of chili with spoon - Thecrimsonmonkey/Getty Images

Just as the scents of fall begin wafting through the air, so too do the smells of savory comfort foods being prepared as the temperature drops. The start of soup season may be what autumn is known for, but it's also the time of year that chili takes center stage for some. October is National Chili Month when fans of the Southwestern staple dust off their favorite slow cooker chili recipe and get to simmering. However, Costco shoppers can skip that whole waiting game by grabbing a four-pound tub of Kirkland Signature Chili, available again this year.

As long as you've got a crumbly piece of cornbread to scoop up every last drop, downing a warm bowl of chili is usually a happy experience. Yet, Costco's chili seems to have its share of controversy bubbling again. As with all foods, some don't enjoy the flavors in the bulk grocer's brand of chili, which is made with beef, onions, cheese, kidney and pinto beans, and other spices. For some, the beans in Costco's chili are raising eyebrows, especially with Texans. In the Lone Star State, where chili has held the title of state dish since 1977, beans in chili have never been a thing.

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Social Media Is Torn Over Costco's Chili

shopper grabbing tub of Costco chili
shopper grabbing tub of Costco chili - TikTok

While there are tons of chili variations, many recipes include beans, which has led some to believe that beans are a normal addition to the dish. Other Costco comfort foods don't seem to get nearly as much attention on social media, sparking debates over whether its chili should be called "bean soup" instead.

On TikTok, many confused commenters have voiced their opinions on Costco's cheese-topped tubs of chili, with statements like, "There's no beans in chili. I don't know what this is, but it's not chili." While some agree that chili with beans is heresy, others wonder what the big deal is. "Chili can have beans," one commenter assures, "It's a regional difference. You'll be okay." Amongst the heated legume discourse are more positive comments that mention enjoying Costco chili with Fritos or tortilla chips. On Instagram, some mention that they pour it over rice and feast on it with the whole family.

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