Costco's Beloved Mini All American Chocolate Cakes Are Back In The Bakery

costco cart parked in front of store
costco cart parked in front of store - Jetcityimage/Getty Images

Today, Costco is known for many things, from the ever-popular $4.99 rotisserie chicken to the enticing free samples and of course, the food court pizza. But at one point, a certain chocolatey dessert was also a customer favorite. When Costco stopped selling the All-American Chocolate Cakes in 2020, customers were left disappointed, and even began circulating a petition to bring them back. Eventually, Costco ended up reintroducing them in miniature form. Though they aren't a year-round staple, the Mini All-American Chocolate Cakes do regularly come back, and are currently on sale at Costco.

Spotted in early September by Instagram account costcoaisles, the Mini All-American Chocolate Cakes are being sold in packs of six in Costco's bakery section. Though some customers in the comments reported having trouble finding them at their own store, they seem to still be available over two months later, judging by a more recent Instagram post. If you're craving them, just be sure to get them before they go out of stock.

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How Much Are Costco's Mini All-American Chocolate Cakes?

open pack of costco mini all american chocolate cakes
open pack of costco mini all american chocolate cakes - jenniferhsiao/TikTok

Though it isn't uncommon for Costco prices to vary from location to location, that doesn't seem to be the case for the Mini All-American Chocolate Cakes, which appear to cost $9.99 per pack no matter where you shop. Just last year, however, they were being sold for a slightly cheaper $7.99. Despite this two-dollar price increase, you unfortunately don't get any more cake than last year — it's still six mini cakes, totaling three pounds.

Price aside, the good news is that the Mini All-American Chocolate Cakes still feature the same flavor customers know and love, including the fudge icing and chocolate shavings. Though as a commenter under costcoaisles's Instagram reel pointed out, the cakes do not have a mousse filling, unlike the full-sized chocolate cake Costco currently sells. However, this absence doesn't seem to deter most customers, as they continue to enjoy this returning bakery favorite.

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