Costco Is Selling Hot Color-Changing Cups, So Your Coffee Just Got More Fun

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
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Photo credit: Instagram @thewalkingcostcoad; @thecostcoconnoisseur
Photo credit: Instagram @thewalkingcostcoad; @thecostcoconnoisseur

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Admit it: You went a little crazy (in a good way) when Costco released color-changing tumblers over the summer. What can we say? We’re easily entertained. Now we can continue the fun even in the cooler weather, because now the wholesale retailer is selling them in a hot cups version.

The reusable cups come from Manna, the same brand that made the tumblers, and just like those, you can expect four fun colors. With the hot cups, the red turns to yellow, the green turns to yellow, the blue turns to purple, and the sky blue turns to teal. To make the magic instantly happen before your eyes, just fill the cup with hot liquid.

The good news is that you don’t have to choose which color to snag, because the hot color-changing cups come in a 12-pack. That means you get three of each color that include the cups and matching dome lids. Each cups holds 16 ounces and the entire pack is $14.99.

Instagram accounts, including @thewalkingcostcoad and @thecostoconnoisseur, have recently found the hot color-changing cups at Costco. It’s not clear which locations will be carrying them, so your best bet is to give your local spot a call to find out. We can already tell that we’ll be drinking our hot coffees and teas out of these all fall and winter long!

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