Costco Is Recalling Its Chicken Tortilla Soup Due To Undeclared Allergens

Kirkland Signature Chicken Tortilla Soup
Kirkland Signature Chicken Tortilla Soup - The Image Party/Shutterstock

When it comes to stocking up for quick weeknight dinners, Costco has shoppers covered. The wholesale food store sells plenty of ready-to-heat meals, including a variety of soups. But now, Costco is recalling one variety of those soups due to an undeclared allergen. The tubs of Kirkland Signature Chicken Tortilla Soups are labeled as "gluten-free" on the outer packaging. However, gluten contamination was found in the products. The undeclared presence of gluten in the soup could be dangerous for those with intolerances or sensitivities.

The recalled soups are from lot number 1394066, with a use-by date of November 23. Costco posted the recall notice on its website, noting that the affected soups were only sold in stores located in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Northwest United States region.

Customers can purchase the soup in packages of two 32-ounce containers. The food is made from diced tomatoes, white chicken meat, sweet corn, roasted poblano peppers, corn masa, and lime juice, all combined in chicken broth.

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Contaminated Products Should Be Discarded

Shoppers at Costco
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Customers who purchased the affected chicken tortilla soup are urged to check their products. If they have been affected by the recall, the products can be returned to Costco stores for a full refund. If customers are unable to return to the wholesale store for the refund, they should instead throw the products away.

Customers with questions regarding the recall can reach out to Kettle Cuisine, the food manufacturer behind the chicken tortilla soup, by calling the company at (617) 409-1290.

Costco has issued a few recalls for products sold in its stores in recent months. In June, the wholesale store recalled frozen fruit sold in 2022 due to risks of hepatitis A contamination. And in August, customers who had purchased Kirkland Signature vodka were offered refunds. While the beverage was safe to consume, the quality of the alcohol produced in certain lots was criticized, and the affected bottles were pulled from store shelves.

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