Will Costco Be Open On The Fourth Of July 2024?

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As you've obviously come here to find out the answer to the question posed by the title, we'll jump right in and deliver the news: Costco will be closed for Independence Day. Whether that is bad news or good news, who can say? If you're a dedicated Costco shopper, it may be kind of a bummer, but then again, not everyone is a fan of a store that makes you pay to shop there. If you're a Costco employee, though, you'll no doubt be glad of a paid holiday, even though the pay may be pro-rated for part-timers.

Costco also closes on six other holidays throughout the year: New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Six of the seven closure days are federal holidays (all but Easter), however, Costco remains open for the federal holidays MLK Day, Presidents Day, Juneteenth, Columbus Day, and Veterans Day. Non-seasonal Costco employees have paid holidays on each of the Big Seven, plus an extra floating holiday to deploy as they see fit, up to and including a celebration of International Wombat Day on October 22. Getting a paid day off on the Fourth of July and other holidays is one of the main reasons working at Costco is often seen as a better alternative to employment with certain similar retailers (that may or may not rhyme with schmalmart) that don't provide such perks for their workers.

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There Are Plenty Of Options For Holiday Shopping And Dining

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If you can't go a day without shopping, even on a holiday, and you don't mind being greeted by the less-than-smiling faces of employees who have no choice but to work or lose a day's pay, then you may be glad to know there are numerous Costco alternatives available. Kroger stores are open on all major holidays except Christmas, while H-E-B, too, will open its doors at the regular time on July 4. Aldi will also be doing business, although individual locations may shorten their hours for the holiday. So if you want to spend the holiday shopping in the Aisle of Shame, you'll need to check the location to be sure you don't get there too late.

If you always dine at the Costco food court, why not break free this Independence Day and discover the delights of less-familiar hot dogs? Not only does Sam's Club's food court have a hot dog that some find superior, but it's open July 4. The Ikea bistro, too, will sell its budget-priced items on the holiday, as will 7-Eleven. If you really want to break out of that Costco rut, though, you could always try eating at the Ikea restaurant, which is separate from the bistro. Not only is the store open this Fourth of July, but as it's a Wednesday, you get two free kids' entrees with the purchase of one adult one.

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