The Costco Dip Fans Eat 'All in One Sitting' Is Coming in a New Flavor

But only for a limited-time.



A good dip is the perfect centerpiece for a picnic, potluck, or poolside snack spread, but a good store-bought dip can be hard to find. We know, we know—we have a plethora of easy dip recipes at our disposal, but in terms of convenience, a store-bought dip just can’t be beat.

There's one brand of store-bought dips that always seems to check our snacking boxes: It’s consistently rich and creamy, flavorful yet mellow, and tastes like it was whipped up fresh for the occasion. Plus, you can buy it at Costco.

Yes, we’re talking about La Terra Fina, the brand of savory, scoopable, seriously delicious dips that has developed a following around the Costco community. Fans say they are “absolutely obsessed with” some of these dip flavors (most notably, the Spinach Artichoke Dip) and keep a “reserve” to make sure they don’t run out.

Now, for the big news: The beloved dip brand just launched a new flavor for summer.

Costco’s New Michigan Cherry & Jalapeño Dip & Spread

La Terra Fina, the brand behind some of our very favorite store-bought spreads, is celebrating an iconic summer event, the Michigan Cherry Festival, with the launch of a flavorful new dip. The Michigan Cherry & Jalapeño Dip & Spread is sweet, spicy, and good enough to eat by the spoonful—and it's only available at Costco.

“In celebration of Michigan’s iconic National Cherry Festival 6/26-7/6, this delicious dip delivers the perfect sweet heat combination and can be served warm or chilled.”

Home of the “Cherry Capital of the World,” Michigan has produced some of the best cherries in America since the 19th century. So, to honor the long history of cherry farming, La Terra Fina is mixing those signature sweet-and-sour Michigan cherries with mildly spiced jalapeño peppers and nutty Asiago cheese for a delicious, dynamic dip experience.

<p>La Terra Fina</p>

La Terra Fina

The brand has sold a Cherry & Jalapeño Dip in the past, but this time it includes top-quality Michigan-grown cherries. However, even the previous version received glowing fan reviews on its last release.

“I want to eat it with EVERYTHING,” said one Reddit user. “I have been pairing it with the sale pretzel crisps have been very pleased. The large chunks of cherry can be off-putting if you're not expecting them in your bite but then end up being quite delightful.”

La Terra Fina doesn’t miss when it comes to creating “swicy” flavor combos. Its Mascarpone Honey & Jalapeno spread comes “highly recommended” by Reddit users, while the Cranberry & Jalapeño Dip sells out every nearly holiday season. “A few years ago they had a pineapple habanero one that was out of this world!” added one Reddit user.

All that to say, we trust this limited-edition dip will deliver a bright, balanced dose of summer in every bite.

The new sweet and spicy spread will be available exclusively at Costco stores in the ​​Midwest, Southeast, and West regions for $5.49. So, whether you eat it hot, cold, or even mixed with shredded chicken for the easiest-ever chicken salad, be sure to stock up on the cherry-studded spread while it's in stores for summer.

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