Costa Is Selling DIY Gingerbread Coffee Shop Kits For Christmas

Costa Is Selling DIY Gingerbread Coffee Shop Kits For Christmas

It’s no secret that the Delish team love a good old gingerbread house. Assembling and decorating your own makes for a very merry afternoon in the build-up to Christmas, plus you get to devour it in front of a Christmas film when it’s all complete. After you’ve captured it for the 'gram, that is.

While you could take the old-school approach and bake your gingerbread from scratch, there’s a whole host of ready-made kits that do the hard work for you. Many boast a traditional cottage design (complete with snow icing, gummy buttons and festive figurines), but not Costa, who have launched a kit to make your own gingerbread coffee shop. How cute.

For the pocket-friendly price of £10, you can get your hands on everything you need to build a gingerbread Costa café. If you're not tucking into yours with a gingerbread latte topped with lashings of whipped cream, you're doing it wrong.

costa gingerbread house

Coffee-lovers were quick to praise the latest launch, with one writing: "Had fun building ours" and another adding: "I need to do one!"

Of course, there were one or two scrooges who pointed out that it's not Christmas... yet. But that doesn't mean we can't get excited about our line-up of festive activities. Top of our list? Creating a gingerbread café, of course.

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