COS Made a Handbag That Looks Designer, and It's Going to Sell Out Fast

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Listen up, everyone, I've found the perfect bag. Not only is it ideal for daily life⁠—it fits your wallet, a mask, hand sanitiser and even a bit of makeup⁠—it's also great for evenings out. Don't believe me? Well, the good news is I've collected the evidence to prove how versatile and chic this bag actually is. But first, you need to have more details about the item. It's a black leather crescent-shape handbag that has a thick strap. It's smooth and pretty feature-less other than a couple of belt studs in silver and a well-hidden zip. There's no denying that it bears more than a resemblance to The Row's banana bag but at a much more affordable price point.

So far I've spotted minimalist queens Marisa Martins and Alexis Foreman wearing this bag. Alexis opted for a tee and skirt look with hers, whereas Marisa has gone for a suit, which proves my point that this bag can be worn with plenty of outfits. I would also like to point out that I bought this bag myself (not a press gift), which means that I really love it. Today, I'm wearing it with a knit dress, a jacket and pair of boots, but tomorrow I could wear it with a pair of joggers and it would make the whole look feel more elevated. Keep scrolling to see the bag in action then keep going to shop it, plus a selection of other Cos bags that I rate.

Style Notes: If you want to find a perfect bag to wear with a suit, then this is it. I’d also say that a beige or even a bright pink suit would work brilliantly too. Try strappy heels for a dressier look.

Style Notes: For a more casual look, try Alexis’s approach with a tee and a skirt. I also think wearing it with a pair of jeans would be great.

Style Notes: I've styled this bag with a classic mac, ankle boots and a knit dress.


Cos Leather Crossbody Bag (£89)


Cos Leather Tote Bag (£225)

Cos Leather Bucket Bag (£99)

Cos Oversized Shoulder Bag (£150)

Cos Oversized Shoulder Bag (£150)

Cos Leather Mini Bag (£135)

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