Corrie legend's return 'sealed' to 'save Leanne' leaving fans split

Leanne Battersby in Coronation Street
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Coronation Street fans are speculating that the iconic character Les Battersby, played by Bruce Jones, might be making a return to the cobbles. The character first appeared on the soap in 1997 with his wife Janice (Vicky Entwistle), daughter Leanne (Jane Danson) and stepdaughter Toyah (Georgia Taylor).

He quickly became known for his scheming ways and unique sense of humour. After Janice and Les' infamous split, when Janice fell for Dennie Stringer, Les found love again with Chesney and Fiz's mum, Cilla Brown. However, in 2007, actor Bruce was suspended from the show after revealing upcoming storylines to an undercover reporter and making inappropriate comments about the programme. Despite being a key character at the time, it was later announced that Bruce would not be returning to the show.

In the show, Les was last seen in May 2007 at the Street Cars office. He has been mentioned since, and the story goes that Les lives in Dublin due to his roadie job with an Irish tribute band. A year after his departure, Chesney received a letter from him that showed he had dropped the 'Brown' part of his surname, indicating that Les had divorced Cilla.

Currently in the soap, his on-screen daughter Leanne has become involved in a dramatic cult storyline. The sinister Rowan Cunliffe (Emrhys Cooper) has drawn Leanne into the mysterious "self-improvement group" The Institute, reports the Daily Star.

Rowan has managed to distance Leanne from her family and has coaxed her into sharing past traumas - whilst secretly recording their conversations. Next week, Leanne will return from a retreat at the Institute still refusing to believe anything bad her sister Toyah has to say about Rowan, meaning it may be about time for a more forceful member of the family to return and step in.

The Battersbys
The Battersbys

Fans are now convinced that Les could return to "sort Rowan out." On a Coronation Street Facebook fan page, one viewer speculated: "Les Battersby is coming back in the leanne storyline."

Fans had differing opinions on the matter. "This would be amazing! He could help Leanne and get rid of Rowan," exclaimed one viewer.

Another shared, "I liked Les...he acted the part well .... that's why many ppl not liked him." The comment was followed by a third fan who wrote, "I thought this especially with Leanne and Toyah's storyline."

On the other hand, some viewers were less enthusiastic, with one sharing: "Oh no! ! ! I really hope not." Another soap fanatic confessed: "Hope not can't stand the character unless it's in flashbacks." A third expressed outright disapproval: "Noooooooooo."