Corrie airs further horror for Daisy as stalker ordeal continues

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street fave Daisy Midgeley's worries intensified even further tonight (February 1) as her stalker ordeal continues.

In the latest instalment of the ITV soap, Daisy decided to head to the wedding fair on her on her own after Christine, Glenda, and Jenny annoyed her, and Daniel told her he was too busy to attend.

After posting a picture online and talking to Gemma and Chesney, Daisy was told her fiancé had arrived at the fair. To her horror, she found that it was actually her stalker Justin who had showed up.

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When Daisy asked him what he was doing at the fair, she was shocked to hear that Justin actually thought they were engaged and that Daniel had been controlling her. Justin then threatened that Daniel wouldn't be around forever.

"I need you to go, right now. I need you to stop this," Daisy told Justin. I do not want to be with you. I'm with Daniel, I love him, and we are getting married.

"Can't you see you're scaring me? I need you to go, before I call the police."

Back at the Rovers, Daisy told Daniel about the ordeal and how unsettling it was. Then, Glenda walked in with funeral flowers addressed to Daisy.

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She assumed they were from Justin, and told Daniel that she's afraid Justin would "rather see me dead than marry you". Thankfully, Daisy was relieved to hear that Tracy sent them to her to wind her up over trying to get free flowers out of her.

After a few moments of distraction when she found out Christine and Jenny made peace with each other — and that Gemma and Chesney are getting married on the same day she is — things got even worse for Daisy. She and Daniel saw Justin on the Cobbles, working as a delivery driver.

"He's done this so he's gonna be on the street all the time," a tearful Daisy said. "I'm not gonna be able to leave the house."

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