Coronavirus travel advice Q From refunds and flights home to the best time to rebook your holiday

Nick Trend
The coronavirus pandemic has scuppered the plans of countless travellers and left many more stranded abroad - getty

With the Foreign Office advising against all but essential overseas travel, and airlines including easyJet and Ryanair grounded all their flights, countless British holidaymakers have had their upcoming trips ruined. Thousands are now battling to get refunds and those who want to rebook for a later date are unsure when foreign travel will once again be possible.

Many British travellers have also been caught out by the sudden closure of borders around the world, leaving them stranded and unsure how they will get home. The Foreign Office has announced a £75m fund to help repatriate UK citizens, but there are still doubts about exactly how the rescue flights will work.

To answer these questions, and many more on the thorny issue of holidays in the time of coronavirus, travel expert Nick Trend has been offering his advice. See his responses below.