Coronavirus: Three Sunderland pubs shut after drinker has 'big night out' while awaiting Covid test results

Colin Drury
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Golden Fleece, in Silksworth, Sunderland: Google
Golden Fleece, in Silksworth, Sunderland: Google

A drinker in Sunderland who went on a pub crawl while awaiting the results of a coronavirus test has been accused of putting lives in danger.

The unnamed boozer has since been confirmed positive for the potentially deadly bug.

Now, the city’s Golden Fleece and Cavalier pubs, as well as the Ryhope Cricket Club, have all been forced to shut after it was revealed the man, in his 20s, had supped in all three on Friday night.

“It’s stupid behaviour,” said Peter Gibson, Sunderland City Council member for the Silksworth ward where two of the bars are. “This is a killer disease – 46,000 people have died – and here is someone going round risking spreading it in our pubs when the advice is crystal clear: if you’re showing symptoms, stay at home and isolate. He has put lives at risk. Imagine if someone he has had contact with catches this and suffers very badly.”

The 79-year-old Labour member added he himself liked a pint.

“But I’ve not had one since March,” he told The Independent. “And while there are people going in pubs with the virus, I probably won’t be going out for one for some time yet.”

In a statement posted to Facebook, bosses at the Golden Fleece said: “An irresponsible customer who was showing Covid-19 symptoms (while awaiting their test results) decided to have a night out.”

It added that staff were being tested and the pub deep cleaned but the place should be open again this week.

Both the Cavalier and Ryhope Cricket Club said they planned on being back to normal by mid-week.

Northumbria Police said they had not received any complaints about the episode and would not be investigating.

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