Body-building nurse reveals shocking transformation after battling the coronavirus

  • J
    Yahoo needs to take down this story! It was beacuse of his steroid use 100% coming from someone who has used them before and is very knowledgeable! If he was using something like Tren (which from the gyno and flushed skin looks like he could be) tren puts fluid in your lungs! I went from 210 to 220 in a month and I went from running over 3 miles easily to hardly able to run 1! Boom! Might be why you can't see the pictures cause people like me know that is someone who didn't have access to his gear! Natural muscle wouldn't have deflated that quickly !!
  • M
    I had a prolonged bout of pneumonia and lost 45 lbs. That what happens when you don't eat.
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    Robert M
    As per usual story, no pictures to show the reason for the story, Yahoo is really starting to go downhill fast. Yet you can see pictures of "celebrities" putting out their bin wearing a wedding gown. Please Yahoo buck up your website.
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    just commenting
    My 25 year old friend, strict diet and training for a marathon, got covid in march. After a couple of weeks in a coma she was able to go home, but her organs are so devastated that she died in her sleep yesterday. It attacks the young and healthy and doesn't always kill quickly. I wish this man the best and hope he makes a quick recovery
  • A
    "believes he caught the infection at a party in Miami"

    That's a polite way of putting it. We know what kind of party it was.
  • J
    What's the message. Media wants you to think this guy was 100% and look What Happened. OMG. This could happen to anyone. Next time actually find someone who is 100% before pushing the fear.
  • P
    Lesson learned: Stay away from parties in Miami.
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    Can`t see any photos but i am guessing he wasn`t taking his steroids during that treatment time?
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    Norse God
    being off that 8 week cycle really deflates you,,,,thats the bad thing about working out you stop you weaken quickly,,,but it takes forever to build up
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    Steroids + HIV + a virus is a deadly combination.