What is the risk of a second coronavirus wave?

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    It’s a virus and it’s here to stay. Much like the flu, we will see ebbs and flows. No vaccine for Coronavirus has ever existed (otherwise the common cold would be gone) and a fast tracked vaccine takes 4-6 years to create.
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    Want true coronavirus facts? Stop giving Federal funds to hospitals for coronavirus cases! If you sprain an ankle, have high blood pressure, or fall down the stairs; everyone test positive entering the hospital.
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    A "second wave" is only a concern if there is a jump in the number of hospitalizations. Which has not occurred in the US.
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    Has there been a first
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    To put ''covid-19'' in perspective, 40 thousands people die of AIR POLLUTION in the UK EVERY YEAR ! 7 million globally. Do we wear masks for this invisible killer or have lockdown ? and how does it make sense to do so now when our air has never been cleaner ? we are also dealing with a RESPIRATORY illness, how does this make any sense ? it's amazing to see so many people oblivious to new world disorder !
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    Had Enough
    Ive been back at work for 5 weeks - in estate agency i can see up to 20- 25 different people a day... with sanitizer or gloves on hands and face mask but it amazes me we can all work but can only see family or friends in bubble groups....... But as long as the money fills the MP's coffers for 2nd homes and jollies around the World the rest can suffer .... The Government hasnt got a clue and of course if you are black you can riot, protest in groups of 1000's - work that one out!
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    I swear. I think the children, teens, and young people are being MORE MATURE about this all, than these Chicken Little older "adults". STOP LIVING IN FEAR! This virus is here to stay! There's not much we can do about. STOP forcing people to cater to YOUR fears!
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    The WAVES will keep coming as NO one has ANY clue about the pandemic,

    No doctors No scientist and worst of all Politicians have no clues at all
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    The numbers will go up in the months to come. Lock downs and social distancing were put in place to "flatten the curve", not hide in the basement forever and let the economy go bankrupt.
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    This isnt no wave. Its a tsunami of lies.