Coronavirus survivors may suffer delirium and PTSD, experts warn

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    Delirium and PTSD? I'd put those symptoms down to being locked up for 8 weeks.
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    I really will miss all this gloom and doom when we get back to normal , after all the media has looked after us so well , never a day passes when we aren't told how bad things are and I really do appreciate that . Just off to hang myself.
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    Deliberately hyping up the fear by the media doesn't help. Most people don't catch it and if they do not much happens. It's a small minority that unfortunate things happen to. Surely there are also risks from PTSD in other areas, e.g. cancer, traffic accidents, victims of crime etc. or has all that gone away now people only die of corona
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    Aw, the poor psychiatrists are feeling left out so they jumping on the bandwagon of suffering giving hypochondriacs another symptom to fret over, especially in the current trend for mental health amongst celebrities.
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    Fake News Hunter
    Experts warn readers of the Guardian, Independent coverage of covid-19 may suffer delirium and PTSD
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    Wouldn't it just be easier at this point to list those "symptoms" that aren't associated with covid?
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    Wait until next years cold and flu season that's when you're going to see the world having PTSD.
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    not me i was sick for about 4 days the respiratory stuff hung around a week now im fine but im not a snowflake
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    The key word is "may". They will if expert doctors say they will. It will be a gold mine for the right doctors.
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    The World Is A Vampire..
    If you all think this is THAT bad, then imagine living with HIV/AIDS. Pales in comparison. but you don't see the entire world working on a quick cure for THAT virus because of the nature or transmission and the stigma attached tot it.