Coronavirus: Scientists suggest rolling cycle of 50 day lockdown followed by 30 days of ‘normality’

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    So if after 30 days of "normalcy", and the wheel hasn't fallen off the cart, you will NEVER get the public to agree to another 50 days of prison. Won't happen. And think of the added stress of 30 days of working, then another 50 days laid off. And what constitutes "scientists from the University of Cambridge"? some 22 year old grad students?
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    How to create a crisis and take away freedoms:
    1. Report all illnesses as coronavirus - check the major cities department of health reports. An unnatural drop in flu cases and other infectious diseases is paired with an increase in coronavirus cases.
    2. Report all deaths as COVID-19. Again, reports available online through health departments. No increase in mortality rate across the United States. This doesn't make sense during a "pandemic" - suggests that the number of deaths and causes of death have not changed, just the way they are reported.
    3. Shut down hospitals and health care centers near and in big cities. Reduce hospital staff. This creates a sense of increased emergency hospital traffic, but actually is just concentrating the traffic at select facilities.
    4. Isolate the population and restrict traveling to decrease the ability to recognize what is happening.
    5. Partner with the media to report constant warnings, and conflicting reports to cause general confusion.
    6. Create a face for the "crisis" that is untouchable, something sacred that will be used to deter and attack doubters - Nurses.
    7. Polarize the public by politicizing their opinions, to ensure a gridlock of actions and further slow any descent.
    8. Take away the ability for individuals to support themselves to gain further dependency on the government.
    9. Create a general disdain for those trying to hold onto our freedom by labeling them equivalent to murderers - count every death as COVID-19 and blame its continued existence on protesters.
    10. Win elections with promises of handouts and protection.
    11. Pass laws to allow sweeping government authority, and validating unconstitutional responses to anything the government deems as a crisis

    The information is out there. A study by Stanford University on infection rate - Infectious disease surveillance reports through health departments - Detroit Free Press article on closing hospitals and reducing staff - Reports by ABC news on what is being counted as COVID-19 deaths - Dr. Fauci press conference in which he says a patient who dies and test positive will be counted as COVID-19 no matter the circumstances.

    I know, everybody has a friend of a friend who is dealing with this, and it is real, they see all the people on ventilators. The number of people on ventilators has not changed, they are just concentrated to the overwhelmed and understaffed city hospitals. There is a news article on that as well. I am part of the supply chain to make all those needed ventilators. Do you know where they are now? In a warehouse.

    The truth is out there if you want to look for it. If it doesn't fit your political views though, you won't look for it. (see #7) I can't add links because for some reason my post is blocked if I do. Weird.

    Feel free to attack me now. After all, it is part of the plan.
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    A leading modeler has reduced the number of total coronavirus deaths it is projecting in the US by August 4 by 3,700 because so many Americans are wearing masks when they go out.
    The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington was projecting that 147,050 would die by August 4 but on Tuesday, it lowered its estimation to 143,357
    As of Tuesday afternoon, more than 90,000 Americans had died from the virus and 1.5million were infected.
    The research institute told CNN it was largely down to the increasing number of Americans who are wearing masks when they go out.
    It brings comfort to many states that are yet to reopen that feared an increase in mobility, regardless of mask wearing, could lead to a spike in cases.
    'We were pretty surprised. We were expecting to probably go up because of the big surge in mobility,' Chris Murray, the chairman of the school's Health Metrics Sciences department, said.
    'If you dig deeper and look into the fraction of people in different states who are wearing masks, we think that is the key difference there, both their behavior and mask wearing.
    In Wisconsin, Delaware, Maryland, South Carolina and Oklahoma, there was at least a 10 percent decrease in the number of people who said they sometimes wore a mask out.
    Now, the modelers predict there will be 1,000 more deaths in California and Arizona than previously thought, between another 500 and 1,000 in Texas, Colorado, Illinois and Maryland, and between another 100 and 500 in Delaware, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Ohio and New Mexico.
    But in Florida, North Carolina, New York and Pennsylvania, they are predicting 1,000 fewer deaths per state than before.
    New York was the only state that had more than 1,300 new deaths between May 11 and May 18. In 24 states, there were fewer than 100 new deaths in the last week.
    Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Illinois all saw between 700 and 1,000 deaths in the last week...
    Leading modeler IHME reduces its projection for total COVID deaths
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    “Coronavirus: Scientists suggest rolling cycle of 50 day lockdown following by 30 days of ‘normality” Followed by 20 years of economic depression.
    Great plan!
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    I really think.....
    Scientists have suggested a rolling cycle of 50 days of lockdown, followed by 30 days of “normality”, may help officials manage the coronavirus outbreak.

    Hold, on...

    Scientists have suggested a rolling cycle of 50 days of lockdown, followed by 30 days of “normality”, may help officials fully implement the final stages of A21 and dismantling the free market capitalist system...

    The Yahoo I foxed it for you.

    Basic Income will be here next...
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    "Early research suggests the coronavirus is mild in four out of five cases"- mild??? they have now proven that huge portions of the population are completely asymptomatic. They should say, "FOUR OUT OF FIVE CASES OF PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY SHOW SYMPTOMS HAVE MILD SYMPTOMS". We now know that 67% of positive cases on the diamond princess cruise ship were asymptomatic cases, they were elderly. And 4/5 of the symptomatic cases were mild. 98% of cases in Marion Ohio Correctional Facility were completely asymptomatic.
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    Would love for each of those scientist to go without paychecks for 2-3 months then come back to us with a realistic plan.
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    How about a model with treatments such as antibody, hydroxychloroquine and other protocols that HAVE worked in mitigating severity and duration of symptoms... We KNOW treating AFTER symptoms have progressed to damage of the lungs and organs and patients are on ventilators is not very successful, nor should anyone expect significant results. Obviously treating patients when they show symptoms EARLY with medications in known safe dosages that help prevent the virus from replicating and advancing are what should be done.. NOT send the patients home to isolate and tell them to come to the emergency room when they are close to death. Hydroxychloroquine with zinc supplementation in dosages similar to those used for malaria prevention/treatment has shown significant success in reducing severity and duration, Remdisivir has shown to help, Antibodies have been identified and shown effectiveness. WHY are they not using treatments? Hydroxy was ruled out by the CDC without ANY controlled experiment on early use with zinc in safe dosages.. because of a study at UV in late critically ill patients at unreported dosages that showed no benefit and some serious side effects.. side effects that are KNOWN to be common with Azythromycin, and rare with Hydroxy, even rarer in the known safe dosages that are commonly prescribed to many millions of people all over the world every year for the past 70 years.. South Korea has been credited for its success in responding to the virus and very low death rates.. Their protocol calls for hydroxy and zinc, the US protocol calls for go home and hope your symptoms don't get worse, and if they so come to the hospital and we'll stick you on a ventilator until you die, or your immune system responds and you get better...…...Why? because Trump mentioned the benefit of using Hydroxy and Zinc.. and the studies done in other countries showing it's benefit. OUR country has not done studies, they limited use in the NY and most of the testing done to critically ill patients. And studies on the effectiveness of early treatment are lagging, still not even recruiting patients, the intent is not to slow death but to destroy the economy, blame Trump, and regain power, control. That is why the media and liberals are against treatments being used, controlled re-opening economy, etc.. They are taking advantage of the death for political agenda and don't want an end until they have power again... Blame Trump for the virus, the death, the economy stopping etc etc.. it's all Trump's fault and he did it.
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    Sounds great in the realm of medical theories. In practice it would destroy what's left of the economy and after a few months become non sustainable. Mass shortages of food and other life staples to the point people would riot en mass and government would fail. Look at the US, people are already having mass protests, imagine what those protests are going to look like in another month or two.
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    people favoring lockdown are only living in their reality which they can
    afford to do. That's nice and all but many other people's reality is having
    a family, forced not to work yet have bills due and have to pay the rent.