Children ‘have PTSD from the coronavirus pandemic’

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    Kids now are growing up with the Idea that if you feel anything other than happy you have some sort of mental health issue
    They’re not growing up knowing that sadness, anger, anxiety even loneliness Etc are all normal emotions to feel, they’re there for a reason
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    People love tossing around the words PTSD, anxiety and depression nowadays. Anyone who was true experience with any of these can see how the terms are being thrown around way, way too loosely.
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    It's a fact : this year already almost 3 times as many people were born than died. Almost 67 million people were born this year. We have a population well over 7 billion, so the virus has made a dent.
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    Florida Man
    After being broke down beside the road waiting on tow trucks through the years, i have PTSD every time i drive, cupcakes.
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    how does one acquire POST traumatic stress disorder to an ordeal that hasnt ended? How would you know if this will/won't effect them post corona? I understand dealing with mild forms of trauma, being scared of the unknown, but that is part of the human experience. take it or leave it. If you choose the latter, you are in for a hard life.
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    I’ve Developed PTSD from yahoo, please give me money to help me with my PTSD
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    awww... poor children! PTSD!

    Just wait until they start filing for benefits for the government dole since being out of school for 4 months has been so traumatic! I can't work! I've been oppressed! HELP HELP!
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    My daughter is fine. She goes out and plays everyday. She not dependent on electronic devices.
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    Yeah, living a sheltered life isn't healthy. God didn't intend for people to be locked in their homes between walls 24/7.
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    Does that mean you claim more benefits for having PTSD and get Disable Blue badge?
    I have developed PTSD from BLM protests, can I take them to courts for compensation?