Shocking photo shows 'energetic' 13-year-old battling 'inflammatory disorder from coronavirus'

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    Kid hasn’t tested positive for coronavirus so why is it that the headline reads “Shocking photo shows 'energetic' 13-year-old battling 'inflammatory disorder from coronavirus”?
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    ask me
    I’m a pediatric nurse and that’s not the first time I’ve seen HSP. It’s not common but I’ve seen it many times. I feel like straws are being grasped to link this to covid.
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    George K.
    "" The teenager was diagnosed with Henoch-Schönlein Purpura (HSP), which causes small blood vessels in the skin, joints, intestines, and kidneys to become inflamed and bleed.....This has been likened to the rare but life-threatening Kawasaki disease, with similar symptoms appearing in a small handful of children with the coronavirus.""---Sounds like a pre-existing condition. According to what was said, doctors are being told to blame coronavirus for every illness. Making coronavirus sound like a big SCAM.
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    She wasn't tested for corona, but the headline makes it seem as if this is related when in reality they don't know.
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    This article is nothing but maybe, could, has to be, put nothing is proven yet. However, the liberal media will throw this out to scare up continued lockdown they want.

    Just pushing a. Narrative on something that maybe not even true.

    They should have tested her with a quick 1 hour swab? However, socialized medicine may not even do those, and her blood test should be done by now, but let’s just put out Unproven story
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    Unless someone tests positive for Covid 19 or positive for antibodies for Covid 19 they don't have Covid 19 they have something else. Clinically it is a fever, cough and a chest X-ray that shows Covid fluid filled lungs with a specific pattern to it.
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    Do you know, for a 2 week time period, the only deaths recorded in New York where covid deaths? No one died from overdoses, murder, suicide, heartattack, etc. Cuomo was sued by the government and aid was withheld from his state until he reversed the number. That is whats happening in the world. Everything is being linked to covid, even when no evidence suggests the death is covid related. This article even states, it's unclear if her symptoms are covid related. But they have no problem assuming it COULD be, only because they need to push this pandemic for as long as possible.
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    "Grace’s mother Rachel Havens, 47, is adamant her daughter developed HSP as a result of the virus, however, it is unclear if the teenager ever had the infection." shouldn't we wait until the antibody test comes out before posting this headline and story? While it may very well be from COVID- I don't understand the climate of media that insists on posting falsehoods under the pretense of it may happen, or what could have happened. It has gotten out of hand.
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    My son had this disorder years ago. So I doubt it was from COVID 19.