Coronavirus: Scientists 'dismiss at-home tests that reveal if you have beaten the infection'

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    Would these be the same tests that Tanzania sent to the WHO.. You know. The samples of sheep goats fruits. That turned out to be positive. Just to prove how SLY the WHO really are.?
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    Like the common cold, there is no immunity
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    The truth hurts
    Don't use it
    It contains a micro implant to track your movement. Part of the plan being played out
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    Honest is the best policy
    I certainly wouldn’t risk buying one
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    Can’t trust the s or rusts they change mind ever other day. Follow the money
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    So if experts have debunked these test, you know Trump will immediately begin flogging them.
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    The experts must be Corbyn supporters! They say something and now they say it's useless! And what's their solution? Keep the lockdown forever!