Coronation Street's Ryan makes huge confession to Daniel

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Ryan has admitted to Daniel that he loves Daisy in Coronation Street.

Daniel has been suspicious for weeks that something is going on between his girlfriend and his mate, leading him to follow Ryan to a hotel where he thought he'd been meeting with Daisy.

Friday's (November 3) episode saw Daniel confiding in father Ken Barlow about his suspicions that Daisy had feelings for Ryan. At the same time, Daisy begged her mum Christina to cover for her with Daniel after the hotel incident.

"I love [Daniel], I really do, and I love Bertie and I don't want that to end, so please mum, help me," Daisy begged.

coronation street's daisy

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Even after Christina backed up Daisy's alibi, Daniel was still suspicious so he asked for proof Daisy wasn't with Ryan at a hotel the night before.

"If you could just show me that [proof], you'd make me very happy," Daniel told her.

Daisy slammed down a bill on the counter, leading Daniel to profusely apologise. At Roy's Rolls later on, Jenny encouraged Daisy to see the row as a "big wake-up call".

"You have to stop thinking about [Ryan] now," Jenny insisted.

Daniel tried to apologise to Ryan on the cobbles, yet was taken aback when Ryan was evasive. Finally, Ryan admitted to Daniel that he'd told Daisy that he loved her.

Ryan tried to explain that his head was "wrecked" after all he'd been through and that Daisy had turned him down anyway, yet none of that was solace for Daniel.

"You need to stay way from us now," Daniel demanded.

coronation street's daniel and ryan

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Back at home, Daniel once again apologised to Daisy, assuring her she wasn't to blame for Ryan's declaration.

Later, Daisy turned up on Ryan's doorstep to thank him for "throwing himself under the bus" to protect her. She reiterated that they need to stay away from each other from now on.

Ryan's flatmate Lauren was watching the whole emotional scene from the next room, yet she stopped short of telling her tutor, Daniel, the truth about what she'd seen.

In the night's final scene, Daniel took Daisy to the flat he'd just bought for them and explained that he'd put his mum's place up for sale in order to pay for it.

"Even though it's my money, it will be our home," Daniel assured her.

coronation street's daniel and daisy

When Daisy questioned whether he'd done this because of Ryan, Daniel said he believed her when she said he had nothing to worry about.

"You don't," Daisy sheepishly told him.

Daniel promised this would be the start of a "new beginning" for the couple, though it was obvious Daisy had some serious doubts.

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