Coronation Street's Paul has huge row with Gemma ahead of her wedding

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Paul Foreman has had a huge row with sister Gemma Winter ahead of her wedding in Coronation Street.

Paul's partner Billy and family have no idea that he has been diagnosed with motor neurone disease, a life-shortening condition that can explain the chronic pain in his hand and now right foot.

In Wednesday's (May 24) episode, Paul was desperate to hide the pain in his foot ahead of his sister's wedding to Chesney Brown later in the week.

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After Jenny noticed Paul was having difficulty walking, Paul snuck off to his hospital appointment with confidant Dee Dee Bailey. There, he begged his doctor to consider him for a life-lengthening treatment used for MND and the similar condition ALS muscular dystrophy.

"It's not a cure, Paul," the nurse explained.

The nurse insisted "only a tiny percent of people" qualify for this treatment, but Paul said he wanted to move forward with the process.

"I need to get better," he insisted.

Later, Paul tried to put off Billy when the vicar explained that he'd spoken to Toyah about the adoption process. Paul tried to keep focus on the hen do, but he was understandably uncomfortable and in pain at the party.

paul foreman, gemma, chesney, coronation street

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Billy eventually left due to Paul's surly attitude, leading to an awkward situation where Paul refused his sister Gemma's request to dance together.

As Paul stormed out, Gemma chased after him to try to see what was wrong. Paul made it seem like he was sick and tired of all the wedding preparations, leaving Gemma feeling hurt.

"I don't care. I don't want anything more to do with it," he angrily demanded. "I'll tell you, find yourself someone else to walk down the aisle!"

Gemma finally snapped back at her brother: "If you really couldn't care less, don't even bother coming to the wedding at all!"

Can Paul make things right with Gemma before her big day?

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