Coronation Street's Joel Deering star Calum Lill breaks silence after Lauren Bolton murder twist

Coronation Street dropped a bombshell on Thursday night, 30 May, revealing the identity of Lauren Bolton's killer in a chilling flashback sequence. Actor Calum Lill has since spoken out about the shocking plot twist.

Fans will remember that Roy Cropper, was recently falsely accused and arrested ever since Lauren Bolton vanished and he was blamed for her disappearance. The troubled young girl had mysteriously disappeared from the cobbles earlier this year, leaving her friend Bobby worried after discovering her flat unlocked and empty.

Lauren's departure was never shown on screen, and it appeared she hadn't informed anyone close to her about her plans to leave Weatherfield, except for Roy. After reporting Lauren, played by Cait Fitton, as missing, Roy found himself under scrutiny due to his kind-hearted nature.

His innocent act of cleaning Lauren's flat raised suspicions, leading some to believe he was guilty. This resulted in a wave of online abuse from internet detectives.

In Thursday's episode, DS Lisa Swain and newcomer Kit, who is played by former Hollyoaks star Jacob Roberts, believed they had solved the case when they arrested Nathan Curtis, a known abuser who was last seen on-screen in 2017 when he was jailed for the grooming and exploitation of young girls. As they questioned Nathan in his cell, with Joel Deering acting as his lawyer, a disturbing flashback suggested Nathan was the culprit.

However, in a shocking turn of events later in the episode, it was revealed that Joel was actually Lauren's killer.

Kit, Swain, Nathan and Joel in the police station as nathan is questioned
Roy was wrongly accused of the death of Lauren -Credit:ITV/Danielle Baguley/REX/Shutterstock

The actor portraying Joel, Calum Lill, shared some insights about the storyline, revealing he had been aware of it for a year.

He commented on Thursday's cliffhanger: "I'm terrified but it's also a relief. I've known this for over a year. It was last May that I got sent the breakdown for Joel saying that he was a charming character who's got a dark side. When I got the screen test they said, 'Okay, this is what Joel is going to be doing'. I thought, 'Oh my goodness, like this is a really terrible person. And I've got to hide in plain sight for a year.'"

Lill went on to discuss what the future holds for Joel: "I think he's trying to work out how many loose ends there could be and how to deal with them. Obviously as a defence solicitor he knows how to play the game and knows that there is reasonable doubt and that he needs to cancel out anything that could be tied down to him. But you know, this is new territory for him. He might have been in a situation before where he's broken the law and not treated people very nicely. But this is new and I think he feels real concern. He has to make it stick on Nathan so no one ever suspects it could be Joel."

Roy being attacked in prison
Roy being attacked in prison

The actor also expressed his hopes for his character's future, adding: "I hope Joel's very good at hiding because I really enjoy coming to work, but for soap justice I know that at some point he's going to be found out! "