Coronation Street's Carla finally discovers Stephen drugging secret

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Carla Barlow finally discovers the truth about Stephen Reid's dangerous plan to steal her job next week.

Carla realises who has been plotting against her when she receives the long-awaited results of a drug test.

The Underworld businesswoman recently decided to get tested after figuring out that she may have been under the influence of LSD when she became unwell earlier this year.

Carla confided in her friend Roy Cropper and husband Peter about how her frightening symptoms may not have been linked to her mental health. Both were sceptical and feared that she was in denial.

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Next week, Carla is vindicated when she receives a letter from the clinic, which confirms that there were traces of LSD in her hair sample.

Carla initially tells Peter that dodgy businessman Rufus Donahue must have been to blame. However, when Carla checks the dates of her illness, this theory doesn't add up.

Shortly afterwards, Carla is unimpressed by the taste of a coffee that Michael Bailey hands to her.

Michael apologises, pointing out that Stephen and Sarah Barlow are the ones who usually make the coffee. Carla is shocked as she figures out that Stephen must have drugged her to steal her position at the factory.

carla, sarah barlow, michael bailey, stephen reid, coronation street

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Shortly afterwards, Carla hauls Stephen into her office for a showdown, telling him that she knows he was the one who spiked her drinks with LSD.

Stephen denies it, but Carla vows to prove his guilt. Sarah is left uneasy, once again wondering what her uncle is capable of.

As Carla launches a mission to bring Stephen down, she tells DS Swain that the scheming villain repeatedly drugged her earlier in the year.

Swain refuses to take action, pointing out that Carla doesn't have any evidence to back up her theory. What will Carla do next?

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