Coronation Street legend suffers cancer scare during jarring hospital visit

The Coronation Street love triangle between Toyah, Nick and Leanne has finally exploded
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It seemed that things could not get much worse for poor Toyah Battersby in Coronation Street earlier this week, when she collapsed with severe stomach pains on Wednesday 3 July’s episode and was rushed to hospital with worried sister Leanne and Leanne’s partner Nick Tilsley by her side.

The doctor shocked Toyah by telling her she was pregnant, and since the only man she has slept with recently is Nick, the baby must be his.

Despite the hurt it would cause Leanne if she ever found out, Toyah – who has faced years of struggles trying to conceive – decided that she wanted to keep the baby.

However, in the latest episode on Friday 5 July, Toyah was dealt another blow as her doctor dropped another bombshell, revealing that she was not pregnant after all, and may have ovarian cancer which can give a false positive pregnancy result.

The doctor explained: "I've taken a good look at your scans. We've found a growth on one of your ovaries. Some tumours can give a false positive on a pregnancy test, hence the misunderstanding here.”

"We've checked your bloods, they show elevated levels of a protein called CA125. Sometimes that can indicate ovarian cancer – not always. We're going to move quickly. We'll do a biopsy and a CT scan to give me a clearer idea."

Fans were quick to show their sympathy for the character.

"False pregnancies are often a symptom of ovarian cancer. Poor Toyah," wrote one, while another added: "Poor Toyah. First all that history with her stillborn baby Rose is dragged back up, then everything with Leanne, sleeping with Nick, being told she's pregnant, then told she's actually got ovarian cancer (potentially) and instead of supporting her Leanne runs off to Rowan."

However, not everyone was thrilled with the storyline. "They gave Daisy a breast cancer scare not long ago, and now they've done this to Toyah. Good grief #Corrie," wrote one viewer while a second said: "Once again soaps love showing women suffer, after all of Toyah's fertility problems they now take away her pregnancy and give her a cancer scare."

Coronation Street
Toyah gets more bad news at the hospital

It remains to be seen what the results of the tests will be, but even though Nick and Toyah no longer have the possibility of sharing a child together, there are signs that their relationship may not be over.

Frustrated that Leanne, who should be caring for his sister, once again returns to sinister Rowan and his Institute, Nick tells his brother David that he’s not sure how he feels about Toyah, but he is losing his patience with his partner.

“It's like she's turned into someone else, someone that I don't recognise. I'm not sure that I'm in love with her anymore," Nick tells him.

Nick and Toyah have grown closer since Leanne became involved with The Institute and Rowan. The charismatic leader has managed to distance Leanne from her family and has coaxed her into sharing past traumas - whilst secretly recording their conversations.

He has also threatened Toyah, and as tensions rose between her and Leanne, she found solace with Nick. Unfortunately for both of them, their first kiss was recorded by one of Rowan’s associates, leading to blackmail.