Coronation Street fans predict HUGE twist after Gemma receives devastating news

 Chesney and Gemma are worried about Joseph Brown.
Chesney and Gemma are worried about Joseph Brown.

Looks like Coronation Street fans have rumbled who is behind the 'Joseph business' in the latest episode.

In last night's episode of Coronation Street, (which aired Friday 1st December) things took a terrifying turn when  Gemma was accused of poisoning Joseph by a child protection officer.

A child protection officer then explained to Gemma that she can only see the children under supervision while an investigation is carried out — and if Gemma fails to comply, Joseph will be taken into care.

Fans took to X (formerly Twitter) to share their theories over what's really going on with this shocking plot.

One wrote, 'I know who’s behind this Joseph business! Grandma Linda.'

While another fan said, '#Corrie did Joseph say something? He looked a bit shifty at the hospital.'

Many Corrie fans were sympathetic towards Gemma's situation, with one writing, 'Gemma dosnt deserve this. She's been struggling a lot since she discovered that Paul only has 6 months left to live.'

While another sympathised, 'Gemma has agreed to the socials conditions - Gemma is being thrown out of her own house.'

The fan also wrote, 'Social Services thinking that Gemma made Joseph sick on purpose.'

Another fan showed their support for Gemma, writing on the social media platform, 'if gemma gets sent down i swear to god i’ve lost all my faith in humanity because gemma is a queen.'

But other Corrie fans aren't too impressed with the storylines, with another writing, 'I really don’t care about Gemma, Chesney or their children - one jot!! who is writing the storylines?? At least use actors we actuallly are invested in.' Ouch!

What's next for Gemma and will she be able to prove that she wasn't behind Joseph's poisoning?

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