Corey Feldman shows photo of 'world's smallest knife wound'

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

So was Corey Feldman really stabbed? Next to who bit Beyoncé, it’s the second biggest mystery of the week. There is much more info on this topic, though, including a photo that the Goonies and Lost Boys actor shared of the injury he sustained.

Let’s start with the photo. It was posted Thursday night by Corey, and the injury, which he received on Tuesday night, does appear small (as well as red and round), but it adds weight to his theory that someone stabbed him with a syringe, a very small knife, or another sharp object that broke his skin. He referred to it as “the world’s smallest knife wound” in his post but again pointed out that something did go into his body.

Feldman asked for prayers for the test results stemming from that — and the results are now in, according to TMZ. The website reports that Corey was given “a clean bill of health.” His bodyguard, Jeff V., who was with Corey during the alleged stabbing, said that hospital test results showed no traces of any drugs in his system or infectious diseases.

As for why someone would stab Corey, the actor and singer speculated it could be the “wolf pack,” a group he says has been threatening him since he started making noise about pedophiles in Hollywood, of which he and his BFF, the late Corey Haim, were victims. However, his manager told People on Thursday that the recent incident, which took place on Ventura Boulevard in Reseda, Calif., was a classic case of road rage.

“I think it was an ego thing,” Feldman’s lawyer, Perry Wander, said. “They got into a staring contest with the security guard. It was road rage. At the light, one of the guys got out of the car and the security guard, instead of just taking off, stupidly got out of the car and engaged with them. While he was distracted, one of the [alleged attackers] circled around and opened the door and caught Corey by surprise and attacked him with a sharp object.”

There was chatter that Feldman was just being paranoid — and his attorney addressed that too. “There’s a lot of people trolling him on social media that have made threats to him,” said Wander. “He has a genuine concern that I believe is well founded that certain people are upset with him about him outing child molesters.” Separately, Feldman’s publicist told People that the so-called “wolf pack” is real. They “make videos everyday threatening and bashing him and while we don’t have proof that they were involved, he was terrified and didn’t know what hit him. The attackers didn’t ask for his wallet or take his car. It was very quick. He didn’t recognize them.”

Corey gave a detailed account of the incident the day before in an interview with People. He said that at one point, he told the group of men to get away from their car. “And the guy’s like, ‘What you gonna do about it? You got a gun?’” Feldman recalled. The star previously had another weird road rage incident, where two trucks tried to run him over.

The new photo Feldman posted of his injury comes after an LAPD spokesperson told Deadline that the star was not actually stabbed and had no lacerations. Yahoo reached out to an LAPD spokesperson for a comment on the photo and they said, “We do not have anything further… It’s an ongoing investigation.” Yesterday their official comment on the topic of Feldman was that “a report for an ‘Assault with Deadly Weapon’ was taken.”

Regardless, police are investigating the case. However, according to TMZ, they’ve been unable to track down any surveillance video of the incident. And swabs taken from Corey’s car for potential DNA haven’t led to any connections.

While it all gets sorted out, Corey’s just happy to be alive. On Twitter Thursday, he posted, “On this Holy Week, it’s no wonder that I was spared once again. I’m so lucky 2 b alive 2day. I hope u all can appreciate this day we’ve been given 2day & use it 4 good. God Bless.”

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