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No. 10: Downtown Vancouver, B.C.

Vancouver was named the third most liveable city in the world in 2017, according Ipsos Top Cities Index, so it’s not a surprise that its downtown would have an appeal too. Whether you’re an organic nibbler who appreciates sustainability or just want to enjoy nightlife without a worry, downtown Vancouver has variety for you to play with. Music is also a great attraction — Vogue theatre, anyone? (Yahoo)

The 10 coolest downtowns in Canadian cities

Whether venturing to a new city or enjoying your own, the downtown core is an important area to enjoy. Typically, a city’s downtown is attractive, welcoming and highlights cultural or historical elements of its city. It can be lively or quaint or both–as long as it keeps you occupied and safe, right?

Expedia has taken to surveying downtowns across Canada, and it recently released its “10 of Canada’s coolest downtowns” list. The ranking was based on the “top walk scores” as well as a city’s “innovative art scene” and the details that make a city unforgettable. While some of these selections may not be in your top ten (or on your mind at all), some travellers are enjoying them, so perhaps it’s time to rethink the city centres that typically leap to mind (like Montreal’s, which didn’t even make the list).

You may be surprised by the city that took top spot on the list — it has a population of just under 40,000.

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