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Serena Williams Wearing Orange Shorts at the Italia Masters in 2003

Even early in her career, Williams made some bold color choices, starting with these tangerine shorts and coordinating stripe on her top.

The Coolest Darn Outfits Serena Williams Has Ever Worn on the Tennis Court

Serena Williams's on-court fashion has become almost as legendary as her incredible tennis career. Since she first burst onto the international scene years ago, she's developed a reputation for taking major risks with her competition style just as much as she does off the court, from edgy bodysuits to unusual color combos and unexpected cuts.

Even as a risk-taker, though, her style always carries with it a sense of huge personality and playful self-expression, which is something that can inspire all of us, no matter how good (or terrible) we might be with a tennis racket. Serena has had a ton of memorable looks over the years, but we've rounded up 29 of our favorites.


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