Who are the contenders to lead the Conservative Party after Theresa May?

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The Foreign Secretary has said Brexit should take precedence over a Tory leadership race in a sideswipe at fellow content Boris Johnson.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today programme Jeremy Hunt argued the focus for him is not Number 10 but rather helping the cabinet secure Theresa May'sBrexit deal.

Mr Hunt said: "There is one very big difference between me and Boris, which is that I am foreign security and I have a very big job to do to try and get this [Brexit] deal over the line and that has to be my focus."

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As Europe once again threatens to destroy the party, and following Mrs May's pledge to step down once her deal is approved speculation about her successor is mounting.

Bookies are cutting odds as the contest hots up - so just who are the runners and riders in the latest race for Number 10?

Jeremy Hunt

He's held high-profile cabinet positions and is among the most recognisable of the current crop of Conservative politicians.

However, during his time as health secretary he was particularly unpopular and his public image isn't exactly filled with warmth.

He has argued publicly that the Conservative Party would be best served with securing a Brexit deal before concentrating on its future leader - suggesting he might not fancy his chances, and nor do bookies with him listed as 8/1.

Boris Johnson

To many he is the face of the Tory party - though it's not universally agreed whether this is a good, or bad thing

Mr Johnson, a prominent Leave campaigner, has long been linked with aspirations to lead the country.

Bookies are offering odds of 9/2 on the former Foreign Secretary and Mayor of London.

Surely it's a case of when, not if, he takes the reins at Conservative HQ - whether the party is in office or not.

Michael Gove

The environment, food and rural affairs secretary was an ardent vote leave campaigner.

He has held several cabinet positions and memorably backed Boris Johnson in 2016 before withdrawing his support leaving the leadership hopeful marooned.

As education secretary he was derided by voters but he remains a senior, and prominent Tory figure and has been given odds of 7/1.

Dominic Raab

The former Brexit secretary has been accused of courting publicity and posturing for leadership.

However, the MP for Esher and Walton, who has served since 2010, is not as widely recognised as some of his would-be running mates.

Despite this he's been listed with odds of 7/1 by some bookmakers but in the company of Johnson, Gove and even Hunt this looks fanciful.

Sajid Javid

The Home Secretary comes from humble beginnings and often speaks of his father being a bus driver.

Despite being forced to weather the storm handed to him following Mrs May's tenure as Home Secretary with the Windrush scandal he is well regarded.

The former business secretary voted to remain - placing him at odds with a strong section of the party membership.

Bookies have him pegged at 14/1.

Matt Hancock

Not every MP has launched their own app, but not every MP is Matt Hancock.

Seen as something of a figure of fun the former culture secretary and current health secretary is an outsider for the role.

He voted to leave the EU which places him in favour of backbenchers such as Jacob-Rees Mogg though he has already spoken in support of a Boris Johnson bid.

He's seen as a bit of a long shot with odds of 12/1.

Andrea Leadsom

She withdrew late in the 2016 leadership race making Theresa May the new leader by default.

The MP for South Northamptonshire is a leave voter and has been seen as an adversary of Mrs May as she fumbles with her Brexit bill.

At present she is the leader of the House of Commons and aside from Theresa May is one of the more high-profile female figures within the party.

Bookies are offering odds of 22/1 meaning a 2019 tilt for Number 10 could is seen as no more likely than her last attempt.

Johnny Mercer

The former British army officer was first elected as MP for Plymouth Moor View in 2015.

Aged 37 any leadership ambitions he might have could be left to grow, especially when you consider Michael Howard took the reins of the party in his 60s.

Mercer, who voted leave, has not yet held cabinet office and recently said he wouldn't stand for the Conservative party were he starting out as a politician based on their current values.

He's seen as an outsider and has odds of 25/1.

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