'Contemptible' Prince Andrew has a major hurdle to jump if he wants to continue his life of luxury at Royal Lodge

'Contemptible' Prince Andrew has a major hurdle to jump if he wants to continue his life of luxury at Royal Lodge

Prince Andrew could be faced with a huge dilemma should he decide to remain at Royal Lodge instead of relocating to Frogmore Cottage. Royal expert Jennie Bond has shared her verdict on the allege disagreement between Andrew and King Charles regarding the Duke's living arrangements.

King Charles, 75, has reportedly urged his younger brother to move out of his luxury 30-bed property in Windsor, but he is reluctant to move into Frogmore, which was previously occupied by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The King has allegedly warned Andrew, 64, of severe repercussions if he remains stubborn - and last year it was said he would refuse to move 'without a fight'.

Prince Andrews home appears to be crumbling and desperately in need of repair
Prince Andrew resides in Royal Lodge in Windsor -Credit:UK Press via Getty Images

Former BBC Royal correspondent Jennie has shared her thoughts exclusively with OK! on the alleged dilemma, saying Andrew is "aware" of how much he is depending on his older sibling to fund his lifestyle. However, she also told us that she would be "surprised" if the King is paying much attention to the issue at present.

"I would be surprised if the dilemma over Royal Lodge merits much of the King’s attention at present. Yes, in an ideal world it would be easier all round and look better if Andrew, held in such contempt by so many, was not living in a mansion and apparently spending his days sauntering around the estate on horseback," Jennie told us.

She added: "But it’s clear that Charles has not cut his brother and ex wife loose. They are still invited to family occasions…. and the King is not a vindictive man. Particularly with Fergie a fellow cancer sufferer/survivor… this is not really the time to boot your brother out of his home."

King Charles has broken a 200 year old tradition that will bring to an end free admission to Windsor Castle
King Charles is said to be encouraging Andrew to move into Frogmore Cottage -Credit:Getty Images

Jennie said Andrew would have to figure out how to "finance" his lifestyle himself in the future, should he opt not to move out of Royal Lodge. She added: "So I think Andrew remains aware of the fact he is depending on his brother for the upkeep and security of his very large home….and that’s he’s going to have to work out how to finance it himself in the years to come. But I don’t think this is a pressing priority for the King."

The Duke of York reportedly has a lengthy lease on the Royal Lodge. However, as the King oversees all Royal household finances, he could potentially limit Andrew's funds, making it difficult for him to afford the hefty annual maintenance costs of the Grade II-listed property. Additionally, King Charles currently foots the bill for Andrew's £3million-a-year security expenses.