'It was so confusing!' Meghan Trainor opens up about her experience with breastfeeding

Meghan Trainor shares her plans for her second birth credit:Bang Showbiz
Meghan Trainor shares her plans for her second birth credit:Bang Showbiz

Meghan Trainor was "confused" about breastfeeding in the early days of motherhood.

The 29-year-old pop star welcomed son Riley with husband Daryl Sabara in 2021 and now that she is expecting another baby boy with the 'Spy Kids' actor, admitted she will make the effort to take her breast pump into the hospital after not realising she had to the first time around.

The 'Mother' hitmaker told SheKnows: "I remember thinking how confusing this is when someone was like, ‘Make sure you bring your pumps to the hospital,’ and I was like, ‘Silly goose, your milk doesn’t come in for days!' But I didn’t realise it’s because you dry pump to tell your boobies to make milk. So yeah, I’m going to pack breast pumps this time, and I’m gonna pack nipple cream and shields.

"[My nipple cream] goes wherever I go. I began using it on day one in the hospital and have not stopped throughout my breastfeeding journey. It’s so lightweight and soothing and was critical for me to help with nipple pain, especially in those early weeks of breastfeeding."

Meanwhile, the 'All About That Bass' songstress went on to add that she will not be taking pyjamas into the delivery room because she prefers a hospital gown and recalled having the "roughest look" when she became a mother for the first time as she left her "tangled braids" in for days after she had a Caesarean section. She added: "I didn’t even wear [pyjamas] because I love that hospital rag. I was like, ‘Can I have another one of these, please?” It was great because it was cozy and it was light. You don’t want anything touching you. I went in with French braids for Riley's C-section I think for those days following it I had just like tangled French braids. That was my vibe. It was the roughest look."