Confessions Of Lindsay Lohan's Makeup Artist

Samantha Sasso

For the better part of the past two decades, Lindsay Lohan's fame has been the product of her publics missteps. After her straight shot to success as a child actor — starring in blockbuster films and cult hits like The Parent Trap, Life-Size, and Mean Girls — Lohan's notoriety spiked after a string of unfortunate events, like multiple arrests and being frenemies with Paris Hilton.

Even so, despite all the pitfalls Lohan's career and public persona have weathered, the 32-year-old has never given up on trying to prove everyone wrong. Whether it's scoring a gig promoting legal advice, producing a beauty line, starring in an Oprah-produced docuseries, or owning her own island, Lohan always rises from the ashes of her past self.

The haters will say otherwise, but Lohan is thriving in a way she hasn't since the early 2000s — and it shows. Follow the multi-hyphenate on Instagram and you'll see her living it up in bold red lipsticks and sun-kissed skin (after all, she runs a beach club in Greece), serving looks in mirror selfies that are so good we had to hunt down her current go-to makeup artist, Rob Scheppy, to ask, "How does she do it?" Beauty-industry veteran Scheppy has been spending considerable time with Lohan since July while working on her new MTV reality series, Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club — so he's more qualified than most to say that 2019 is bound to be a real turning point for Lohan and her look. All the details on how he's turned Hollywood's comeback kid into a budding beauty icon, ahead...

Lindsay has had a very public evolution throughout the years. What do you think has been the biggest turning point [for her look]?
"I think this is the turning point for her now! The summer in Mykonos is so hot and we’re at a beach club all day, so we tried to never put too much makeup on. Luckily, she looks so young and beautiful with no makeup. I wanted to make sure she looked like the boss, so we often just did a bold lip to achieve that look. She likes to have fun with fashion and she was open to trying out different things. We got to play a lot."

What's your favourite look you've done on her?
"There are so many, but if I had to pick just one [it would be] from our New York press tour, when we stopped by [the] Rachael Ray [Show]. Jhonatan Rendon, who does her hair, created a beautiful ponytail and I went wild with pinks. She wasn’t feeling 100% that day, but she was feeling her look. That cheered her up enough to get through the day."

What's the most crucial piece to Lindsay's beauty routine?
"Good skin care is a must for Lindsay. We love to do masks before makeup. I love the MDNA Skin masks, serum, and face roller. It’s all so luxurious and leaves you feeling like a queen. She's also good about not going in the sun too much. The beach club has cabanas and umbrellas that help minimise exposure."

What are your favourite foundations for freckles?
"I like Koh Gen Do's Aqua Foundation. It isn’t heavy and leaves the skin dewy, so you can still see the gorgeous skin underneath."

How would describe Lindsay's look since you started working with her?
"Boss beauty."

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