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This clever $14 gadget is my secret to keeping old fall sweaters looking brand new

As much as I love to add new pullovers and comfortable cardigans to my rotation the second fall arrives, buying sweaters each year can get costly. Luckily, I've found an easy way to refresh my collection without spending anything (meaning I have more money to splurge on a cool coat or stylish pair of boots!). Enter: the Conair Fabric Shaver. This handy gadget removes fuzz, excess threads and pills in just a few seconds, leaving my old favorite knits looking brand new — and it can be yours for a mere $14 right now.

Breathe new life into your sweater collection without breaking the bank. This handy device removes pills, fuzz and extra threads, making my old knits look brand new in just a few seconds.

$14 at Amazon

The handheld device uses a rotating blade to remove unwanted pilled fabric without damaging the garment. The sharp blade is hidden behind a honeycomb mesh cover that protects my hands and fingers from getting cut. And there are three settings that move the blade to different distances away from the cover, so I can tackle various types of fabrics.

The shaving head is a roomy two inches wide, allowing me to de-pill large areas quickly. Plus, after the shaver works its magic, the excess fabric is caught inside a removable storage compartment, making cleanup a breeze. The catchall area is even see-through, so it's easy to know when I need to empty it.

white conair fabric shaver
Shoppers say this is “a must-buy for anyone looking to refresh clothes that look a little worn out.” (Photo: Amazon)

Not only do I use the handheld shaver to breathe new life into my clothes, but I've also used it to refresh my furnishings. It's compact, cordless and lightweight, making it super easy for me to use it on anything and everything imaginable including couches, pillows and curtains.

And I’m not the only fan. More than 74,000 Amazon shoppers have given the Conair Fabric Shaver their seal of approval — and it's earned an Amazon Choice label to boot. “This product has actually changed my life,” raved one. “I used it with every single piece of clothing that needs it and it completely refreshes all the clothes. I depilled/defuzzed my entire duvet cover and it’s never been as soft as it is right now. I used it on a pillow I’ve had for years and it went from basically sandpaper to being softer than a brand new one.”

“This is a wonderful tool to revive all the sad, linty or pilly clothing that you loved too much to toss out, but kept in hopes you could wear again,” wrote another, before adding, “A must-buy for anyone looking to refresh clothes that look a little worn out.”

I have the option that runs on two double-AA batteries, but there is also a rechargeable version if you prefer. And there are even six colors to choose from. The battery-operated device vary in price, but the classic white version is just $14 right now. Talk about a steal!

More than 74,000 Amazon shoppers have given this fabric shaver a five-star seal of approval.

$13 at Amazon

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