Con O'Neill teases mind-blowing Happy Valley finale

Sarah Lancashire stars in Happy Valley credit:Bang Showbiz
Sarah Lancashire stars in Happy Valley credit:Bang Showbiz

Con O'Neill says the 'Happy Valley' finale is mind-blowing.

The BBC drama show's third and final series will come to an end on Sunday night (05.02.23), and the star - who plays Neil - says creator Sally Wainwright has penned an "extraordinary ending".

He said: "When I read the script for the last episode, it blew my mind.

"It blew my mind, Sally has written an extraordinary ending to this show."

'Chernobyl' star Con admitted it has been "very easy" to keep the final episode a secret, because it is "just beautiful".

He said: "We've lived with this show for a long, long time. For Sally to bring it home the way she has, it's very easy to keep it a secret because it's just beautiful."

Each episode of the third series has dropped every Sunday since it began on New Year's Day, and Con admitted it is "refreshing" to have a week in between each ep, especially in a world where streaming services often release all episodes of a season at once.

Speaking on 'This Morning', she added: "Isn't it wonderful to not have a show dropping every episode.

"Isn't it wonderful the tension and the watercooler moment, if that's still a thing?

"It's so refreshing to have people that invested."

Sally recently admitted she feared writing a "duff" third series of the show, which stars Sarah Lancashire as strong-willed police officer Catherine Cawood.

She said: "I was really anxious not to write a duff third season. I really don’t think it is. There’s a very definite climax."

Sally also promised fans that the show's conclusion will be "pretty dramatic".

She added: "A narrative has gone across all three: in season one, Catherine and Tommy came face-to-face outside Ryan’s school, and in season two they almost came face-to-face in the crematorium, at Tommy’s mum’s funeral. In season three, there’s a very big face-to-face showdown. The kind of cathartic showdown that people have waited for. It’s pretty dramatic."