Can You Complete Faisal’s Four-Round Functional Banger in Under Fifteen Minutes?

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Sometimes you just need to pull the pin and hang on. This is the workout for those moments, with four rounds of functional fun from MH Elite coach and positive force of fitness, Faisal Abdalla. You're going to start each round with 500m on the ski-erg, or a rower if that's more available to you.

"Smooth is fast on the skier or rower," says Faisal. "Try to pick a pace that you can maintain for the 500m. When you get to the alternating dumbbell snatch, you need to do that unbroken. You can break everything else up. But once you get you hands on that dumbbell, just hold on, baby!"

4 Rounds For Time

1) Ski or Row x 500m

2) Alternating Dumbbell Snatch x 20

3) Burpee Over Dumbbell x 20

4) Hollow Rock x 20

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