I compared breakfasts from Burger King and Wendy's in Canada, and the winning chain had the cheaper food

  • I tried breakfast items from Burger King and Wendy's in Toronto to see which had the tastiest food.

  • Burger King's hash browns weren't very flavorful, and the poutine was too rich for my taste.

  • Overall, I preferred Wendy's breakfast because I thought its food was better seasoned.

In an effort to try and find the best fast-food breakfast, I ordered the same morning meals from Burger King and Wendy's.

I ate a range of breakfast offerings, including croissant sandwiches, potatoes, French-toast sticks, and poutine from locations in Toronto.

Here's how each chain stacked up.

I ordered a variety of items from Burger King.

French toast sticks, bacon poutine, a Croissan'wich, and coffee at Burger King
I got a Croissan'wich meal with hash browns, French-toast sticks, and bacon poutine at Burger King.Tiffany Leigh

At Burger King, I ordered the three-piece French toast sticks, a sausage, egg, and cheese Croissan'wich meal with hash browns and coffee, and bacon poutine.

My order cost $19.30 CAD, or $14.10 USD. Overall, I thought the food was a pretty good value considering the large portion sizes.

Burger King's French-toast sticks felt a little greasy to me.

French-toast stick at Burger King
I wished the French-toast sticks didn't have an aftertaste.Tiffany Leigh

Burger King's French-toast sticks were coated in a cinnamon-sugar mixture and reminded me of a churro. Appearance-wise, they were puffy and pale in color.

The French-toast sticks were moist and the flavor was reminiscent of a very saccharine cinnamon bun. Unfortunately, I thought they had an off-putting greasy aftertaste.

The Croissan'wich wasn't giving me any croissant-like qualities.

Croissant sandwich at Burger King
I wished the Croissan'wich would've had more buttery, flaky bread.Tiffany Leigh

I wasn't a big fan of Burger King's Croissan'wich. In my opinion, the texture was very one-note and bordered on mushy, and a lot of the cheese and bread stuck to the roof of my mouth and my teeth.

Even though the bread was meant to be a cross between a sandwich bun and a croissant, the hybrid didn't taste very buttery or flaky to me. Instead, it reminded me of white bread.

The folded scrambled egg inside of the sandwich was springy and soft but it didn't have a ton of flavor.

The chew of the sausage offered a bit of textural interest and I also appreciated that it wasn't overly salty. Combined with the other ingredients, I felt like the cheese got a bit lost in the mixture.

The mini hash browns from Burger King tasted very plain.

Mini hash browns and meal at Burger King
I wanted more seasoning on the hash browns.Tiffany Leigh

I thought Burger King's mini hash browns tasted pretty much like bland potatoes and needed more seasoning.

However, they were crispy on the outside and nice and fluffy on the inside.

The bacon poutine from Burger King was a generous portion but too rich for me.

Poutine at Burger King
The bacon and cheese curds were too salty for my taste.Tiffany Leigh

Next, I tried the bacon poutine, a Canadian classic made up of a bed of french fries covered in thick beef gravy and topped with cheese curds. In this fast-food version, bacon slices were also added on top.

I thought the serving size was massive and was excited to see a generous portion of cheese curds and crispy bacon on top of a nearly overflowing box of fries.

But upon trying it, I was immediately put off by the mealy texture of the spuds and the overwhelmingly salty profile of the dish. With the salty bacon and cheese, the poutine seemed like it had too much seasoning. After one bite, I didn't want to eat anymore.

Wendy's is another fast-food chain known for its hamburgers, as well as its "fresh, never frozen" patties.

Poutine, croissant sandwich, French-toast sticks, wedge fries, and orange juice at Wendy's
I ordered French-toast sticks, bacon poutine, drinks, and a croissant sandwich with seasoned potatoes.Tiffany Leigh

At Wendy's, I bought the homestyle four-piece French-toast sticks with orange juice, a sausage, egg, and cheese croissant combo with seasoned potatoes and coffee, and bacon poutine.

My Wendy's meal cost about $18 CAD.

Wendy's French-toast sticks were all right.

Wendy's French-toast sticks
I wasn't blown away by Wendy's French-toast sticks.Tiffany Leigh

Appearance-wise, I thought Wendy's French-toast sticks looked deflated and dry. But upon trying them, I found that I liked these French-toast sticks far more than Burger King's.

Though Wendy's sticks were covered with sugar, they weren't overly sweet and had a pleasant earthy taste from the cinnamon. I also didn't find them to be super greasy, either.

The croissant sandwich was a bit too salty for me.

Wendy's croissant sandwich
I think Wendy's croissant sandwich would've benefited from some lettuce or tomato.Tiffany Leigh

Next, I tried Wendy's sausage, egg, and cheese croissant combo, which came with seasoned potato wedges. After just one bite, I thought the sandwich was far too salty.

Though the over-hard egg was cooked well, with a nice firm density, the sausage overpowered the dish. In my opinion, the sausage had a strange peppery aftertaste.

Though the bun was soft and cushion-y, the sandwich bread from Wendy's reminded me more of generic white bread rather than a flaky, buttery croissant.

I enjoyed Wendy's seasoned potatoes.

French toast sticks, bacon poutine, a breakfast sandwich, and Wendy's coffee
Instead of hash browns, Wendy's offers seasoned wedge potatoes.Tiffany Leigh

The side of wedge potatoes, which were seasoned with pepper and garlic powder, tasted tangy and had pleasant umami notes to them.

The wedges had fluffy interiors and crispy edges, which made them very enjoyable to munch on. I preferred Wendy's potatoes over Burger King's mini hash browns.

Wendy's bacon poutine was also very rich.

Wendy's poutine
I liked the glossy gravy on top of Wendy's bacon poutine.Tiffany Leigh

Wendy's bacon poutine came with thick, glossy gravy and a generous portion of plump cheese curds. Unfortunately, I thought the bacon was a little overkill, as the dish was already very salty for me.

That being said, the fries had a nice flavor, as well as some heft and chew. I liked that the fries retained their shape instead of immediately turning to mush.

I thought the firm fries offered a welcome contrast to all the soft textures in the dish.

Though I didn't love either chain's entire meal, Wendy's is my winner.

Selfie of the writer with poutine from Wendy's
If I needed breakfast in a pinch, I'd go to Wendy's.Tiffany Leigh

I appreciate the concept and convenience of breakfast at Burger King and Wendy's but I felt like many of the dishes were overly salty or rich. I would've loved to see a few lettuce leaves or tomato slices to break things up.

Of these two, I'd head to Wendy's I needed a quick fast-food breakfast. Though the restaurant's poutine was a bit too rich for me, I thought many of the dishes I tried from there had a better overall flavor.


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