Commuters are sharing the stress of traveling through Paris after reports of a bedbug infestation

  • Reports of bedbugs spotted on public transport in Paris are stressing out commuters.

  • People are sharing videos of themselves refusing to sit on trains.

  • Authorities have said they're taking action to protect people from a "scourge of bedbugs" in the city.

Paris travelers are sharing their anxious commute through the French capital following reports of bedbugs infesting the city.

Videos and images have popped up on social media in recent months appearing to show a bedbug infestation taking over public spaces in Paris, including movie theaters, public transport, and the Charles-de-Gaulle Airport, Insider previously reported.

In August, a cinema-goer posted two images to X, formerly Twitter, which appeared to show red marks on their body, suggesting they were bitten by bedbugs while at the movies. On September 2, UGC Cinemas posted a letter to X, apologizing to customers and outlining a plan of action that involved high-temperature steam treatments and inspections using specially trained dogs.

The insects have also been spotted on a commuter train as well as the Paris metro, according to social media users, leading some travelers to document their unease as they continue to use the service.

On September 29, a TikToker who goes by @raphaelinparis posted a video that showed him standing in a train, while an on-screen caption said Paris was in its "medieval era" due to the "bed bugs infestation" and he had chosen to stand even though there were empty spaces. The video showed two available seats, while others were taken up by fellow passengers.

The upload received over 770,000 views and hundreds of comments, many of which praised the TikToker for the heads-up as they wrote they had an upcoming trip to the city planned. The same uploader posted a follow-up a day later with a caption saying he had returned to the metro and had continued to avoid sitting due to the bedbugs, and ensured he hadn't touched any surfaces.

"Free anxiety & no seat for me today," another cautious commuter wrote in the caption of a similar TikTok alongside a clip that showed them standing in the metro despite available seating.

Yet another TikToker shared a clip with a caption saying they too were standing while traveling, as they were "paranoid" about the bedbugs on the metro, and filmed a fellow passenger who could be seen scrutinizing an empty seat.

On September 28, Emmanuel Grégoire, the deputy mayor of Paris, shared a post on X which read, "Faced with the scourge of bedbugs, we must act" and called on French Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne to "organize a conference on the fight against invasive species."

A day later, the minister delegate for Transport of France, Clément Beaune, addressed the situation in a post on X which read, "I will bring together transport operators next week to provide information on the actions undertaken and act more to serve travelers. To reassure and protect."

While bedbugs are not generally considered dangerous by the CDC and do not carry disease, they do feed on the blood of humans and animals and can leave bites that can cause itchy spots, as well as causing infestations in the home.

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