Comfy, Cozy Clogs Are the Shoe We Can't Wait to Wear This Fall

When it comes to shoes, we're pretty much always opting for comfort. One shoe we just can't stop seeing everywhere right now is a comfy clog. These slide-on shoes might be considered ugly to some, but they've definitely grown on us. As we get ready for fall dressing, we can't help but secretly want a pair to add to our arsenal. If you're the same and kind-of into this trend, we're here to convince you.

Ahead, we curated a list of our favorite picks that you can shop online right now. We're talking everything from fuzzy to leather and even rubber pairs, but they all have thing in common: they're easy to style. These feel good shoes give you that "I didn't try, but still tried" look that go with jeans, trousers, and more. Keep reading to find your match.

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