Columbia Slopeside Village Omni-Heat High boot review: a fun boot that still performs in the cold

Sian Lewis
·2-min read
 Columbia Slopeside Village Omni-Heat High boot
Columbia Slopeside Village Omni-Heat High boot

First impressions

Okay, so the Columbia Slopeside Village Omni-Heat High boots do look a bit like ski bunny wear – but these faux fur-lined shoes are designed with substance as well as style in mind, and are deliciously warm and comfy to wear as well as waterproof enough to repel snow.

A quilted lining and 200g of insulation make these boots as cosy on your feet as your favourite slippers, and they are also lined with Columbia’s own-brand Omni Heat technology – which uses little silver dots to trap and reflect body heat and keep feet snug even in sub-zero conditions.


RRP: $120 (US) / £115 (UK) / €130 (EU)
Insulation: Omni-Heat reflective lining
Colours: Black/tan
Compatibility: These very comfortable lined boots are great for ski holidays

In the field

The combination of insulation and the thermo-reflective power of the Omni Heat technology made these boots impressively warm on test. In terms of functionality, the laces are easy to adjust, so despite that glam-looking wide fur-lined cuff, you can either achieve a really snug and warm fit around your legs by lacing tightly for more challenging walks, or leave these tall boots loose on more casual strolls. The soles of the Slopesides also proved very good on test, offering decent grip on icy pavements and snowy trails alike. As the name suggests, these boots are a great choice for wearing when you’re not busy skiing on a winter sports holiday, or for popping on for daily walks in the winter months, especially if comfort is at the top of your wish list. Did we have any quibbles when testing these boots out? The fit of the Columbia Slopeside Village Omni-Heat Highs is definitely way off – we couldn’t even fit our feet into our normal size – so go at least one size up, especially if you have wide feet or plan to wear thicker socks (as many walkers will do in mid winter). A mid-height version of the Slopeside is also available but we prefer the extra warmth, dryness and support the taller boot offers.