How to colour match your foundation

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With more shades of foundation on offer than ever before, it can be an overwhelming experience trying to pinpoint exactly which one is the best for your skin tone.

Thankfully, Boots Beauty Specialist Grace Maxey has come to the rescue to give us her top tips for getting the right colour every time.

Identify your undertone

“The first thing to do is find out whether you’re cool, neutral, or warm-toned. We do this by analysing your veins and skin type,” explains Grace. “Signs of having warm undertones are likely to be seen in those who have green veins with skin that tans easily, while cool undertones usually present more pink or blue hues in the skin. So, if you’re likely to burn easily or have bluer veins you would sway towards having a cooler undertone.”

Change the lighting

Remember that the foundation will look different in the natural light than it does inside the store.

“Once we have identified your undertone, we’ll chat through a couple of potential options and shades for you to try. As we are all wearing face masks in store at the moment, I would suggest testing the product on the side of your palm. I would then go and take a look at it in natural light and see what you think,” the expert advises.

The test of time

Your patience will be rewarded if you wait to see how the shade changes when it mixes with the air.

“Finally, foundation colour can change ever so slightly as it oxidises. We’d recommend keeping the sample on for a few moments before making your final selection,” Grace concludes.

There are plenty of foundations on offer at Boots stores, with the latest brand launch being UOMA Beauty, which boasts an inclusive foundation line of more than 51 colour shades. Other diverse brands with extensive foundation ranges include Fenty Beauty and MAC.

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