According to Superstition, the Color of Your Underwear Could Determine Your Luck in 2022

As 2021 comes to a close, the general consensus is that it wasn't as bad as 2020 but could've been better. We're still fighting the coronavirus, lost many idols from the entertainment industry, and generally unsure of what the future holds. The world is due for some luck, that's for freakin' sure. So please don't blame us if, momentarily, we buy into some superstition, paying attention to the teeniest, and often overlooked, detail in our New Year's Eve outfit: underwear color.

Legend has it that what you've got on when the ball drops sets the tone for the next 365 days. Want to bring in more dough? Yellow's your go-to. Tired of Tinder? Wear red for love. Keep reading for all six shades of underwear that just might make 2022 pretty lucky. At the very least, it doesn't hurt to try!

- Additional reporting by Kalyn Womack and Samantha Sutton

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