Find Out What Color You Should Dye Your Hair Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Jessica Harrington

For anyone who has trouble picking a nail polish color even though it only lasts two weeks, picking a hair color can feel like an impossible task. If this sounds familiar, that's when it's time let your zodiac sign make the decision for you. You'll be surprised how free you'll feel when you take a note from the AstroTwins and leave your next hair color to the stars.

Every sign has a power color. For fire sign Aries it's red; for a creative Libra it's pink. Certain hues are likely to match your personality better than others, so you can let that guide you in choosing your next hair color. Before you head to the salon for your new look, take a peek at the suggestions ahead. From "icy blue" to "tiger daylily" red and honey blond, we rounded up the hottest hair color trends of the year and matched them to your zodiac sign.